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SOFA Chicago Exhibition


Tounded he Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago is renowned for its niche emphasis on three-dimensional artworks merging fine art, decorative art, and design. Its curated exhibits showcase unique pieces, offering an immersive experience. Operating since 1994, SOFA maintains relevance, held at Chicago’s Navy Pier. With approximately 80 international dealers and 35,000 attendees annually, the fair generates an estimated $15-20 million in sales per show.

Beyond its commercial role, SOFA fosters a dynamic community of artists, designers, collectors, and enthusiasts, encouraging creative exchange. This convergence of perspectives establishes SOFA as an influential global hub. In summary, SOFA’s focus, presentation, historical continuity, economic impact, and role in cultivating a diverse artistic community solidify its significance in the art and design landscape.

In this collective exhibition I participated with one big piece. A portrait of 200x200cm named Noa.