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Lilienthal gallery Exhibition


I‘m thrilled to share my recent participation in a captivating exhibition hosted by Lilienthal Gallery in Knoxville, Tennessee. This dynamic showcase brought together a collective of artists, and I was honored to contribute four of my paintings to the event.

Among my pieces were three striking portraits, each capturing the essence and individuality of the subjects. Through intricate brushwork and a play of light and shadow, I aimed to convey the depth of their emotions and stories. Additionally, I presented a thought-provoking nude painting, exploring the vulnerability and beauty of the human form.

Being part of the Lilienthal Gallery exhibition was a remarkable experience. The gallery’s ambiance provided the perfect backdrop for my works, enhancing the viewers’ connection with each piece. Engaging with fellow artists and attendees further enriched the experience, allowing for the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my art in such a welcoming and creative space. This exhibition at Lilienthal Gallery not only allowed me to showcase my artistic journey but also fostered a sense of community among artists and art enthusiasts.