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The meaning of the naked body varies depending on cultural context. In the West, for example, the nude has always been associated with something highly sexually charged and is often considered to be pornographic. Not so in the East, where many traditional works containing nudes of women represent a particular scene and the woman’s body has a more everyday character than sexuality. In my nude works I try to unite the sexual elements of an erotic nude,
with the artistic and beautiful elements of the natural and pure.

Kenneth Clark maintained that every nude, however abstract it may be, must transmit to the spectator a vestige of erotic feeling and if this is not the case, it is bad art and false morality.

During the exploration of the bodies, I emphasise the female body. Through the postures, I try to transmit strength and through the way the brushstrokes are manipulated, I try to enhance the delicacy that the human form offers by following the curves of the body as if it were a winding road. These brushstrokes, charged with emotion, aim to create an intimate connection between the spectator and the work, leaving the rest of the story to the imagination.

Each stroke transmits freedom, movement and ease. The spectator will feel like a visitor
to a dance of the muses, in which the dancing face is a canvas with its own life and eroticism.