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From a teenager, I have always been attracted to portraiture, as it allows me to create a direct connection with the subject, to make an emotional and intimate journey towards the naked soul to be portrayed. It is through my brushstrokes on the canvas that this connection begins to be forged. In fact, the greatest motivation I have when it comes to being an artist is knowing the influence my art has on other people. The most enriching moment is usually on the day the piece is handed to the collector. Whenever I can, I try to be present so that I can complete the journey by seeing the reaction of the loved ones of the person being portrayed, as well as the place and setting where the work is to be exhibited.

On the other hand, I find it exciting on a technical level, always finding those differences in the geography of a face. The uniqueness of the individual subject means my work is never monotonous. When it comes to choosing the models I am inspired by, normally my sensitivity as an artist allows me to be guided by a single pattern, that the face I am going to paint has a high emotional charge. It doesn’t matter if what I’m conveying is pain, anger, sweetness, happiness etc, it must always represent that particular emotion in a raw and unfiltered way. Having said that, I find that when I paint a recognised character, I try to enhance that characteristic which makes it unique.